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      On a trial basis, we have introduced a new chat facility for our members. Once logged in, you will be able to post in the chatbox at the bottom-right of the page, but please be aware that any abuse of this facility will be taken very seriously. All chats posted there will be public and viewable by everyone, whether or not they are logged in.

      To initiate a private chat, you must first have friended the member with whom you would like to chat. Once they have accepted your friend request, you will then be able to initiate a private chat just by viewing them on the member list, or your profile friends list. You can also do a member search from the top of the site:

      Click the ‘Available’ button to open up a private message chatbox. The other member then has the option to either accept or deny the chat request. To leave the chat, just click on the settings icon for options:

      If you receive a chat that you think is inappropriate or abusive, please take a screenshot of it and use our contact form to send it to us for review. Private chats are not moderated, and we believe in our members feeling free to chat among themselves, but there are standards of behaviour to which we should all adhere – if your messages are making another member uncomfortable, please desist immediately, and either change your tone/subject or leave the chat altogether.

      Members can also be friended and unfriended from the memberlist or from your profile area.

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      Please be careful - people may not always be what they appear or claim to be.

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